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Support Our Scotts Valley Schools

Vote Yes on Measure V to:

Support teachers, staff and counselors

Maintain strong academic programs in math, reading, science, and the arts

Continue mental health support and counseling services for our students



About Measure V

This fall, Scotts Valley residents will be able to vote in a special mail-in ballot on Measure V, a proposed 7-year, $168 annual tax applied to every parcel within the Scotts Valley School District. The Scotts Valley Unified Schools District Board of Trustees voted unanimously to place Measure V on the ballot.


If 2/3 of Scotts Valley voters pass Measure V, it will generate nearly $1 million a year of 100% locally-controlled funding to ensure SVUSD can

  • Pay competitive wages to SVUSD teachers, counselors, and staff 

  • Maintain STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programs

  • Continue providing essential student counseling support


Measure V will replace the current $108 annual parcel tax that expires in 2024, which generates $700,000 in supplemental school funding per year. The new parcel tax would take effect starting with the 2024-25 tax year. Property owners over 65 or receiving disability can apply for exemption. Revenue will fund salaries for teachers, staff and counselors - not administrators


Every registered voter within the Scotts Valley Unified School District boundary will be eligible to vote on this measure and will receive their ballot in the mail at the end of September. Ballots need to be returned by October 24th. 

Watch the 9 minute video below for more detailed information on why we need Measure V.


Why do we need to pay special taxes to support our schools? The current State Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) favors districts with more high-need students, like English-language learners and the economically-disadvantaged. Since Scotts Valley has low numbers of these students, we barely receive more than base-level funding. That level of funding is not enough to offer competitive teacher salaries and run a district. Like neighboring districts, we must ask the community to supplement inadequate State funding.

Don’t our high property taxes fund the schools? While most of our property taxes do go to fund schools, they don’t generate enough money to fully fund Scotts Valley schools. Only districts like Menlo Park generate enough property taxes to fund their schools. For districts like ours, the State provides supplemental funding on top of property tax revenue, but that formula doesn’t take into account local costs of living.

How can I vote? This is an all-mail ballot, which is simpler and less expensive, for both the District and the County, to not have to equip and staff physical voting locations for a single measure. Santa Cruz County was very successful with mail balloting during the pandemic, and we can expect it to be a very smooth process.

Do other school districts have similar taxes? Yes. Many California school districts use parcel tax revenue to supplement and fill gaps in funding. Two neighboring districts that are very similar to ours have adopted increased parcel taxes in recent years: Santa Cruz property owners pay $318 per year and Los Gatos property owners pay $335 per year.

When will I get my ballot and how can I turn it in? Ballots will be sent approximately three weeks before the election day of Tuesday, October 24. Each ballot will be provided with a prepaid, pre-addressed return envelope that can either be put in a regular U.S. postal mail drop location or at designated voting drop-off locations (for example, Scotts Valley City Hall or the County Government Building in Santa Cruz).

Read more

Still have questions? Great - we have more answers!


The following Scotts Valley community leaders, business owners, and organizations fully endorse the adoption of Measure V.

If you would also like to endorse Measure V, please email

  • Michael Shulman - SVUSD Governing Board, President

  • Cheryl Ruyle - Scotts Valley Education Association (SVEA), Co-President; SVUSD Teacher

  • Julie Maxwell - Scotts Valley Education Association (SVEA), Co-President; SVUSD Teacher

  • Sue Roth - Santa Cruz County Board of Education, Vice President

  • Greg Wimp - Togo's Owner; Community Member

  • Lindsey Rice - Brook Knoll Parent Teacher Association, Past President: Scotts Valley Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Allyship (DEIA) Co-Lead

  • Cheryl and Seth Noble - SVUSD Parents

  • Ashley Perlitch - Scotts Valley Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Allyship (DEIA) Co-Lead; SVUSD Parent

  • April Vignato - Vine Hill Parent Teacher Association President

  • Ali Anderson - Brook Knoll Parent Teacher Organization, President

  • Jack Dilles - Mayor of Scotts Valley

  • Lucía Rocha-Nestler - SVUSD Board Trustee

  • Danny Reber - Executive Director of Scotts Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Christina McQueen - SVUSD Parent and Educator

  • Matt and Mahina Hoey - SVUSD Parents

  • Marina Eyre - BKEC Past President

  • Dennis and Jen Lane - SVUSD Teacher

  • Teresa and Josh Swart - SVUSD Parents

  • Jeff and Kathy Acton - SVUSD Parents

  • Corey and Heather Warner - SVUSD Parents

  • Caitlin Santero - BKEC Board Member

  • Bill Holl and Gine Johnson - Community Members

  • Joe Allan - Principal SVMS

  • Michelle Menchaca- VP SVMS

  • Tracey Neilsen - Principal Vine Hill

  • Josh Wahl - Principal Brook Knoll

  • Michelle Ponos Fortino - SVUSD Teacher

  • Danielle Rosa - SVUSD Teacher

  • Laurie Meyers Ponos - SVUSD Teacher

  • Roger Snyder - SVUSD Board Trustee; 2022 Scotts Valley Man of the Year

  • Jane McElrone - SVUSD Board, Vice President; Santa Cruz County School Board Association, President

  • DeAndre James - Scotts Valley High School Falcon Club President; SVUSD Parent

  • Dr. Nicole Meador Mace - Scotts Valley Educational Foundation (SVEF) President; SVUSD Educator and Parent

  • Derek Timm - Scotts Valley City Council Member

  • Dave Hodgins - Scotts Valley Senior Life Association President

  • Eliza & Thomas Ballantyne - SVUSD Parents

  • Nello and Jennifer Santillana - SVUSD Parents and Educators

  • Latha Amujuri- SVUSD Parent

  • Robert Aldana - Realtor; Founder - My Scotts Valley; SVUSD Parent

  • Randy Johnson - Scotts Valley Vice Mayor

  • Allan Timms - Scotts Valley City Council Member 

  • Scott Goodrich - Community Member

  • Phil Soucheray - VH PTA Treasurer

  • Jessalyn Rizzi - SVEF and BKEC Board Member

  • Mandy and Matt Draper - SVUSD Parents and Business Owners

  • Monica Aldana - President, Baymonte PTF

  • Rachel Hofmann - Principal, Baymonte Christian School

  • Todd Hoffman - Community Member

  • Saray Fitzhenry - SVUSD Parent

  • Jennie Briend - SVUSD Parent

  • Mike Igoe - SVUSD Teacher

  • Grace Kau - SVUSD Parent, DEIB Committee

  • Erin Buchla -  Community Member

  • Jared and Kathy Lewis - Community Members

  • Matthew Ochoa -  SVEF Treasurer

  • Willie & Darshana Croskrey - Community Members

  • Stacy Nagel Angus - SVUSD Parent

  • Dr. Faris Sabbah - Superintendent Santa Cruz Schools

  • Mitali Hindia Weiglein - SVUSD Trustee and Parent

  • Mari Rossi - Community Member

  • Monica Martinez - Candidate for 5th District Supervisor

  • Dr. Kathrin Sidell - SVUSD Parent

  • Marlene Bennet and Scott Mangum - SVUSD Parents

  • Sharon Willey - SVHS Parent Club President

  • Dr. Joe Palascak and Casey Hemard Palascak - SVUSD Parents

  • Sarah DeLeon - SVUSD Parent, Co-Founder of Community Advocates of Scotts Valley

  • Donna Lind - Scotts Valley City Council Member

  • Gus and Sara Balla -SVUSD Parents and Educators

  • Juan Pablo and Olivia Mas - SVUSD Parents 

  • Paula Pasquini - SVUSD Teacher and Parent

  • Carol and Jim Sinnott - SVUSD Parents

  • Jason and Brie Robideaux - SVUSD Parents

  • Bethany and Josh Jensen -SVUSD Parents

  • Daron Pisciotta - SV Fire Protection District Board of Directors

  • Greg and Morgan Lukina - Local Realtors

  • Lorraine Strassman - Community Member

  • Kathy Petersen - SVUSD Teacher

  • Jen Woelfel - SVUSD Teacher

  • Katie Raffo - SVUSD Parent

  • Drs. Neil and Amee Sawhney - Community Members and Sutter Physicians

  • Victor Alejandro - President, Exchange Club of Scotts Valley

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